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Fast fashion & Value retailing has grown faster than any other major retail format in recent years. Large format stores carrying latest fashion and offering great deals is where the trend is moving.

This is not possible without managing a proper supply chain as shelves and hangers in stores can not be empty or stand thin.

We at Noize, have taken this concept seriously and have established ourselves as a perfect supply chain partner to provide what is require.

It doesn’t pre-exist and it doesn’t happen by accident. It is the right combination of all the rules of product development and right sourcing that creates both the perception and the reality that true value exists.

It takes more than price. We are in the enviable position of being able to offer both, a leading-edge fashion apparel for each of our specific target markets, together with that magical price-value equation.

At the same time all our denims follow SUSTAINABLE production process. All denims produced from our facility are made using sustainable raw material, less water and low impact chemicals. We already use less energy but we are working towards to have renewed energy in use shorty.

We are currently one of the most advanced and sustainable production company in Bangladesh.



Hi, I’m Manish S Chauhan, Chairman of Noize Jeans. At Noize Jeans, we have over 9000 employees working with us. Our focus on sustainability in designing and production is a key factor for us. Which is why we built our production facilities centered around sustainability. Not only does this minimize the impact on the region’s environment, it also helps improve our brand image and recognition. We excel in three things; design, faster lead times, and amazing prices. Our confidence in our strength is further solidified by the positive reception of our customers.



Hi I’m Anurag S Chauhan, managing Director and head of designs. We offer all our clients the design solutions by closely monitoring recent trends of the fashion industry. We regularly update our collection and present to all brands considering their price requirements. Our goal is to convert and offer catwalks styles in Commercial fashion and at right value. Our design studios across the globe create and carry latest collection. Idea is to help all brands save their product development time, by offering them ready latest trends collection.

Noize Jeans

Noize Jeans

Noize Jeans